Is a Website Really Necessary? In 2002, my wife & I, along with her sister and husband, opened a small baking and catering business. As our business grew, the idea of creating a website was talked about. My first thought was, “We’re a small, local company. We don’t sell our product other than locally, what is the point of a website?” After being in business for about 5 years, we had Agape Web Host set up a website for us. I still was not totally on board with the idea, thinking that our “local” customers know what we’re about and how to reach us. As time progressed, and I became more involved in the marketing side of our business, I started to see what a great tool a website can be. In 2011, we expanded our business for the 3rd time and our customer base continues to grow each year. The landscape of marketing and reaching our customers has continued to change dramatically in the past several years as well. With the way the Internet, social media and smart-phones have revolutionized our world, potential customers seldom look through the yellow pages or the local paper to find that particular product or service. We have received countless comments from customers who have visited our website prior to their purchase. The greater online presence your business has, even just making your contact information available, the better your chances of finding that new client, or of them finding you! We have incorporated social media, local business sites and partnering businesses into our website, helping boost our online connections for better ranking with the search engines. After having our site for about 5 years now, we are averaging about 200 visits per month, and during our busy season, we average 275 visits per month, which is way more than I ever envisioned for our small business. While I was skeptical at first, I can now see, not only the benefit, but the almost necessity of having a website for your small business. Where else can you reach a targeted audience (remember, they’re searching for you!) with such ease and efficiency? Where can you receive the most exposure for the least cost and effort? The answer is: A website! You can visit our website here: Matt Hochstetler May 2012 Visit Email Agape Web Host This article may be reproduced in its entirety only and this copyright statement must remain intact. © 2012 Back to WhyWouldIWantAWebsite Back to WhyWouldIWantAWebsite